So here is part of the Kanye West interview that some people will look at and say he is the most retarted person, way over his head, that he needs to chill etc etc…

I want to thank Kanye ( and Zane Lowe for letting him speak  ) for expressing his passion and love for his work. Not saying that other artist do not or are less passionate. I do get that energy from other artists too..such as a Danny Brown for example.. . But of course Kanye is reaching a level that goes beyond what the entertainment industry has to offer. Are we talking about KW being the most stylish person on earth ? No . Are we saying that his music is the best thing that could happen to us ? No. Because these are things that even when You or me think he is or his music is there are people he wont be able to reach with his music or fashion or art. And that is okay. So its not about that. Its about an artist who talks from his heart. Reminding You  what it feels like to be passionate about something that You care about. How it feels when You dont stop believing in Yourself. When all You do is make Your dreams come true. And most important : Your dream can be anything.

Kanye has the most humble team around him ( s/o to Been Trill ) who support each other ,who support eachothers ideas and create. Have You ever looked at his albums credits? Mike Dean, Anthony Kilhoffer ( who both been working with him since College Dropout days ) ,Justin Vernon ,Noah Goldstein…. etc etc … Its a team of people who create Art. Even since before there was a Kanye West. And he delivers perfection.

Watching this interview reminded me of  Tupac words. In an interview from 1994  Tupac Shakur said : ” I go down paths that havent been traveled before ,and i might mess up but i learn and come back stronger “.

Kanye West is a true definiton of what a VIP should stand for  - a Visionary In Power.