Speaking about Kanye West the other day and about how I feel about his passion for his work , I would like to speak about some other people that I appreciate and admire for their work ethic and dedication as well.

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld , a venue that welcomed guests such as Mayer Hawthorne, Bilal, Dwele, Robert Glasper, Tony Touch, Jessie Boykins, Theophilus London,M.O.P … list goes on..

In April 2013 they started a new concept called ” The Love Episodes”. The concept of this event is rather the concept of a prepared session than that of a regular concert. They have an amazingly talented backing band who prepares a number of neo-soul standards and perform these with artists that get invited. That can be artists such as Dwele or upcomming artists such as Kaleem Taylor from the UK or the talented Nora from Nely & Nora . The songs are cover versions and / or free interpretations. The idea behind this is that the artists perform these songs they choose with the band and the band plays for the artist if he or she has their own songs and wants to perform them. Each event has its own theme like ” Love and Dedication ” for this time. It also has elements of Def Jam Poetry Slam, which i love :) .  All in all an amazing concept, very intimate show, so much love and passion involved in this.

As a Booking Agent You get to work with tons of clubs and meet a lot of people who work behind the scenes. I got so much love for all of my clients all over the world  from Belgium over Sweden to Paris . But it is always special to be at home. In Cologne.And these guys from Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld make everyone feel so special and so welcomed . Every single event they do is on point and it is really rare to see people that put so much love into details and keep good music alive. People that are willing to break boundaries and spread nothing but Love.

Thank You Fam.

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