Best Koeln Agency is a lifestyle management, planning and concierge service that provides work life balance assistance to clients across Europe.

Our mission is to improve the well being of our clients by alleviating stress as well as providing a work life balance. We strive to become a leader in Concierge Services and never lose sight of our customers and their needs.

Our personal touch is what makes us different. We are not an errand service , but a personal service. Prepared to help You with everything from the every day to extreme.

At Best Koeln , we are completely hands on and pride ourselves on gaining an intimate knowledge of each client, ensuring unprecedented service and personalized guidance. Other than Your satisfaction, confidentially is one of our top priorities; therefore , we guarantee discretion at all times.

Choosing Best Koeln means choosing a way of life. We are service orientated, dynamic and entrepreuneurial, maintaining integrity in our internal and external relationships. We work together as a global team , sharing responsibility, passion and expertise.

Our mission is to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We are committed to the notion that quality matters, bringing You only the very best.

Visionary Thinker and no Idle Dreamer

Sonja Andishmand believes in the power of inner self. Being positive in every aspect of her life, she allowed that trait to be inner lining and driving spirit for B.E.S.T Koeln.
It is her desire to see everyone inside and outside of her world to live as free individuals and to find success in life. 
Her mission is to establish B.E.S.T as a platform, that will not only empower people to live to their greatest potential ,but also to highlight the power of a generation full of young visionaries.
Considering herself to be a ‘Vagabond In Power’, she has traveled the world to experience the peace of the country side, the noise of the metropolis, to be alone and yet to be surrounded by people. To see the land, the nature, to learn, to talk and to live her dream which is to 

B.ring E.veryone S.uccessful T.ogether 

In 2006  Sonja Andishmand graduated  from Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium.
In December 2006 she served a 3 months internship at the Excelsior Hotel Ernstwhich is a member of „The Leading Hotel Of The World“  and „ Selektion Deutscher Luxushotels“ .
After working for several 5 star hotels in Germany and the USA, including  Intercontinental and the Peninsula Hotel , in 2007 she started a 3 year apprenticeship at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst, which was also awarded „Best Hotel “ in 2010, and graduated the same year.
As a hotel manageress she has been going though every department from Front Desk, Sales & Marketing over Housekeeping, Food & Beverage also Accounting amongst others.
In 2010 Sonja Andishmand left Germany, Cologne and started working as a Personal Assistant and then later at the Sales and Marketing Department for NYC based Recordlabel .After 1 year she moved to Los Angeles to work as a booking agent . 
After her return in 2012 she has worked for Gourmet Restaurant „Maximilian Lorenz Im L’escalier“  while still booking shows for Artists in the USA. Working very close with artists & managements allowed Sonja Andishmand to use her experience for her own company ‘Best Koeln Concierge Service and Booking Agency ‘ which she founded in 2011 .