Welcome To The Class Of Cliques 

Everyone here is beautiful, popular and perfectly lit. Model Citizens, Art Directors, Producers, Artists, Fashionistas, Designers, all committed to working hard and having fun. Choosing ‘Class of Cliques’ means choosing a way of life. Dynamic and Entrepreneural. Passionate and Entertaining. Visionary and Determined. We work together as a global team sharing the same mission:To go above and beyond expectations.

Here at ‘Class Of Cliques’ everyone is Best Looking and Best Dressed.This is Party as it should be, where the dress code includes anything from Gaga over fabulous glitter Bras,designer wear to Koos van den Akker sweaters. Meet the ‘Class Of Cliques’ – it is quite an education.

‘Class Of Cliques’ is an experience.As You leave and go forward into the world, You take with You the memories of friends and family. Memories that You will want to share.

On behalf of the staff of ‘Class Of Cliques’, we present You a reminder of a time in Your life when the word „Clique“ means that we can bring everything successful together and unite ,to create and to make the impossible possible.

 // Promise Smith  // Dj Flo // Dj Mo Digital // Dj Flo // Santhya Manivannan // Dj Shiva //